XLS-Medical Fat Binder Reviews

XLS-Medical Fat Binder is an over the counter diet pill. It is made and manufactured by XLS-Medical, which produces quite a few different non-prescription pills meant to promote easier weight loss.

In the case of this specific pill, it is, as the name suggests, meant to work as a fat binder. This means that it is supposed to function by binding with fat molecules in food so that they will become too large for the body to absorb. As a result, the fat molecules will not be digested and will be sent out with the body’s waste.

The official webpage for this product on the XLS-Medical website say that it has “clinically proven efficacy” for binding “up to 27% of dietary fats.” It also claims that users will be able to lose as much as three times more weight than they would if they followed a diet unassisted.

There is one active ingredient within the XLS-Medical Fat Binder pills. That ingredient is called Litramine IQP G-002AS. That complex sounding ingredient is essentially a proprietary blend of prickly pear cactus (opuntia ficus-indica) and acacia. Each serving of this product is made of two tablets. Each tablet contains 500 milligrams of the Litramine. That said, the exact amount of prickly pear and acacia in this product is not identified.

Based on the substances that comprise Litramine, it is a natural fiber complex. In the stomach, it binds to fats, so they will be naturally eliminated, though it does so in a way that is gentle on the digestive system, according to the marketing materials. That said, if it does, in fact, bind with fat and send them out with waste effectively, it comes with a risk of unpleasant side effects such as gas, abdominal cramping, oily stool, and diarrhea, among others. This is the effect of having undigested dietary fat moving through the digestive tract.

The package directions recommend that users take 2 pills three times per day. Each pill must be swallowed with water and should be taken directly after eating a meal. Interestingly, the bottle directions still recommend that 2 tablets be taken even in an instance when a meal is skipped.

This is confusing because the purpose of these pills is fat burning and without any fats to bind to, it’s unclear why a user should swallow two more pills other than to consume the pills at a faster rate. Still, the product label states that no more than 6 pills should be taken within a given day. Users are advised to drink at least 8 cups of water every day these pills are taken.

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