Xenislim Reviews

Xenislim is an over the counter diet supplement that is sold in a number of places throughout the internet, from individual web pages to large and well known online marketplaces. It is manufactured by MetaHerbal Labs. That company is based in the United States and has created a website for itself that features all of its products.

The page designated for Xenislim offers a very long list of different benefits that it claims this product will provide to female dieters. Should this product actually be able to keep those promises, it would be nothing less than a miracle. Deciding whether or not this is actually possible requires a visit to your doctor and further investigation into the formula and the design of the diet pills as a whole.

The official website suggests that the primary benefit of these diet pills is that they are appetite suppressants. This means that they reduce the hunger sensation felt by the dieter, theoretically making it easier for her to be able to eat less and slash back daily caloric intake.

The primary red flag that raises about the benefits is likely in the fact that it states that it is an “antidiuretic which eliminates excess retained fluids”. This is not only not necessarily a good feature for a diet pill but the statement, itself, is confusing. The action that they are actually describing is that of a diuretic. An antidiuretic is actually one that decreases fluid loss by reducing urination. This helps to prevent fluid loss.

This statement by the manufacturer either means that it has a poor understanding of its own actions and the related terminology or that they have a tendency toward carelessness in the material that they are providing their consumers. Neither one of those possibilities makes the product – or anything else from that manufacturer – appear all that trustworthy, as it would be difficult to believe anything else that is said.

The ingredients that make up this product are quite common throughout the nonprescription industry. They include: L-Tyrosine, Green Tea, Cocoa Powder, Yerba Mate, L-Methionine, Ginger Root, Citrus Aurantium, Grape Seed, Ascorbic Acid, Pantothenic Acid, Pyridoxine, and Magnesium Oxide.

Again, red flags raise regarding Xenislim, as these ingredients not only suggest that there is a high level of stimulants in the product, which will therefore likely generate unwanted side effects for many of its users, but it also includes Citrus Aurantium, which includes synephrine; a substance about which the FDA has previously released a warning.

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