Xedra-Cut Slim Packs Reviews

Xedra Cut Slim Packs are a product that had once been called Xedra Cut Lava Sticks under the large USN brand. The products are comparable to each other, though the formula has been slightly altered from the original, and clearly the name is not identical to what it used to be.

This product is available without a prescription and was meant to provide dieters with the opportunity to lose weight more quickly and easily. It is designed as an alternative to the traditional pill design such as a tablet or a capsule. Instead, it is a powder that the user must mix with a beverage so that they can drink it. This type of format is becoming increasingly popular among supplement companies in order to cater to the large number of dieters who struggle to be able to swallow pills, but who would still like to enjoy their benefits.

The official webpage for this diet product claims that it works through its metabolic rate increasing effects, as well as the energy boost it provides to its users, its support of “normal blood glucose levels”, and its “normal macronutrient metabolism.”

This product was being sold for approximately $50 at the time of this review (£29.99 on its official webpage). Each package contains 20 sachets. According to the package directions, 2 to 3 sachets will need to be taken in a beverage every day. These are to be taken a half hour before either breakfast or the morning workout. Should the product be taken at the lowest amount – that is, two packets per day – the monthly cost for using this product will be $150. On the other hand, if it is taken three times per day, the total will come up just short of $250. That is an astronomical price for a nonprescription diet supplement and will be far too expensive for the average dieter, regardless of whether or not it works.

The ingredients in this product are: Garcinia Cambogia, Fucoxanthin, 5-HTP, L-Carnitine Fumarate, Natural Caffeine, Green tea, Bitter Orange, Evodia Rutaecarpa, Yerba Mate, N-acetyl-Ltyrosine, Glucuronolactone. This combination brings a dieter a dose of 125 mg of caffeine in each sachet. Considering that this needs to be taken two to three times per day, this is a product that involves a very high stimulant intake.

To put things in perspective, an average espresso coffee contains around 70 mg of caffeine. Therefore, taking three sachets a day would mean the equivalent caffeine intake to drinking between 5 and 6 espressos. For many dieters, that will be a direct path to a full spectrum of different side effects, from shakiness and anxiety, to sleep struggles, headache, increased blood pressure, heart palpitations, and others.

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