Vysera CLS Reviews

Vysera CLS is a nonprescription weight loss supplement that is designed to be able to offer its users benefits that would be nothing short of miraculous. In fact, recently, the website had actually referred to this product as a type of “miracle pill”. This may lead many people to hesitate to purchase it, however, an actual miracle diet pill does not exist in either the prescription or over the counter weight loss markets.

That said, at some point during the time that this review was being written, the remark – and everything else said about Vysera CLS, was taken down. At the time that this review was completed, the website was displaying a message that says “Maintenance Mode”, claiming that it was undergoing a scheduled maintenance process and requesting that visitors return again at a later time. A telephone number that appears to be located in Galway, Ireland, is provided to customers who would still like to be able to discuss or purchase the product from the company. Equally, though, it is unclear as to whether or not consumers can actually buy the product over the phone, as it simply says that this number will direct the caller to “the office” for Vysera.

At the time that the website had been available, the claim being made about these diet pills stated that they would assist a dieter in being able to reshape their body within the brief period of one month – thirty days. It stated that a “new compound” that was included in the product’s formula, would cause the fat on the body to be eliminated through some method that it did not proceed to identify. Furthermore, there had been a claim that the British Journal of Nutrition had published a research paper that supported the claims that were made about the product.

Upon visiting the website of the British Journal of Nutrition, at this time, no research of this nature could be located. The Vysera website had stated that the research had to do with the compound within this supplement that was supposed to decrease the Ghrelin levels within the body. Ghrelin is a hormone that has been linked with the feeling of being hungry. The actual study was not identified on the website, and research of this nature could not be located through a brief external search when using the terms “Vysera” or “Vysera CLS” on the well respected journal’s official site.

Before the site went down, it was listing the ingredients in this product as: I-Lysine HCl, L-Arginine, Pyroglutamic acid, Acetyl I-Cysteine, and I-Glutamine.

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