TriAdalean Reviews

The Triadalean weight loss supplements are a product that is manufactured by Covaxil Laboratories. Although there is an official website for this product, it is filled to the brim with claims but does not provide a large amount of actual information in order to help to properly understand or review the product. At the time of this review, the claims are also not linked to any of the ingredients within the pill’s formula.

This makes taking Triadalean quite a risk for a dieter, as he or she will need to simply take all of the claims at face value. While the product may be a good one, there is no way for the consumer to know this without using him or herself as a guinea pig with which to test its safety and effectiveness.

Moreover, the website does not offer any links to clinical studies that would support the claims that are being made about Triadalean, despite the fact that there is clinical support mentioned in general within the brief description of the product. It makes it extremely difficult to tell whether this product is any different from the hundreds of scams that are currently on the market.

What was very interesting about the product packaging was that it mentions the word “STACK”. The reference being made through the use of this word was to the ECA stack that had once been very popular back at the time in which ephedra was legal in the United States. Of course ECA (ephedra, caffeine, aspirin) stack products are still available in other countries that have not banned ephedra, but are no longer legal in the United States. TriAdalean diet pills marketing is trying to make their product sound powerful by using this term, but there is nothing in these ingredients that suggest it is a true STACK.

The ingredients of Triadalean include: caffeine, bitter orange, guarana extract, phenylethylamine phenylethan-2-amine, phenylethylamine methylbenzylamine, phenylethylamine 1-phenylethylamine, theobromine extract, and niacin. That complete list was not found on the official website for the product, but was located on a third party site, as it is – at the time of this review – sold at GNC, where the formula was revealed.

It is important to note that bitter orange is considered to be a very controversial ingredient and its safety has been called into question. It is currently being investigated by the FDA and many highly reputed medical organizations are warning dieters against using any products that contain it, due to the risk of unpleasant or potentially dangerous side effects. Speak to a doctor before taking this or any other dieting supplement.

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