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Thermo Lite is an over the counter diet supplement that is sold online by its manufacturer, which is a company that goes by the name of Proto-col. That company has an official website on which it has created a dedicated page for these pills. There, it provides a basic amount of information and the opportunity for consumers to purchase the product if they wish to do so.

This product’s creation and availability has followed on the heels of another one called Thermo Slim. It appears that this newer formula was created to replace the original that has since been taken down from the list of products available from that manufacturer. The company does, however, sell a range of other products within the health, wellness, and beauty categories of the nonprescription supplement industry.

The first impression that Thermo Lite provides is that it should be an exceptionally cheap and affordable pill. This is because it is sold for only £12.95 per bottle (the equivalent of about US$19.99 at the time that this review was written). However, upon further investigation, it rapidly becomes clear that this isn’t nearly the deal that it appears to be. The reason is that this price covers only 30 pills. The package directions instruct the user to take two pills first thing in the morning, and another one later on in the day. Since this means that the user will be taking three pills per day, it also means that this low cost covers only 10 days worth of the supplement.

When that is translated into a full month of usage, that amount climbs very rapidly to £38.85 (or, about US$59.97. Although that does not raise the price to include this product in the most expensive products in this category, it does make them far less affordable than they initially appeared.

This makes it very important for the customer to investigate whether or not the product is likely to work as it claims, in order to know for certain that it will be worth the price that is being paid. To start, a doctor’s appointment should be made in order to discuss the formula and compare it with your unique dieting needs and expectations. Beyond that point, the ingredients should be considered. At the time that this review was written, the official website listed them as: citrus aurantium powder, L-tyrosine powder, chromum polynicotinate (which can only be assumed to be chromium polynicotinate), green tea powder, ECGC, bioprene powder (which can only be assumed to be bioperine), cayenne powder extract, guarana powder extract, pyridoxine hydrochloride powder, and caffeine anhydrous powder.

The typos in the ingredients list, alone, should already raise a red flag for most customers about Thermo Lite, but if that wasn’t enough to do it, it should be recognized that there are some ingredients combinations in this list that have the potential to be dangerous for some users.

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