Synedrex Reviews

Synedrex is an over the counter diet supplement that is marketed as being able to help a dieter to be able to lose weight more quickly and easily than they’d be able to accomplish on their own. These pills are manufactured and distributed by the American company called Metabolic Nutrition.

The claim on the official web page for Synedrex on the Metabolic Nutrition website, is that the pill needs to be taken only one time every day and a dieter will be able to enjoy faster weight loss. Unfortunately, many of the customer reviews that have been left on marketplace and review websites have said that this product is nothing more than another stimulant product, which is an extremely common form of weight loss supplement.

The official page for Synedrex provides very little information. It offers a number of claims without any indication as to how the product would produce the promised results, but does not share the product ingredients or any other specifics. Third party websites have indicated that these pills contain synephrine and sibutramine. Both of those ingredients are quite controversial and the FDA has issued warnings against them due to the potential for unpleasant or even – though rarely – severe side effects that could place an individual’s health at risk.

Another ingredient reported to be in Synedrex is yohimbe. This is a natural product made from the bark of a plant, but that shouldn’t allow a consumer to be fooled into thinking that it is safe. That ingredient, too, is linked to potentially dangerous side effects.

Though this product does seem to have the ingredients that would indeed provide the boost in energy and the thermogenic reaction that the webpage of the manufacturer promises, it also comes with a strong risk of side effects that can range from heart palpitations, increased body temperature, higher blood pressure, nausea, headaches, dizziness, and others, such as jitters, anxiety, and sleeplessness.

The website claims that the effects of the product will also last for 12 hours. This makes it very important that anyone using it must take it very early in the morning. Otherwise – if it does, indeed, last for 12 hours – it could cause significant sleep struggles. That said, the very limited amount of information on the official page for the product does not include any specifics regarding the way in which this product should be used, including any specific times, or when it should be taken in relation to eating the first meal of the day.

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