StripFast 5000 Fire Bullets Reviews

StripFast 500 Fire Bullets are diet pills marketed using a combination of fat shaming and extreme claims.  The official website claims that the “mission” of this product is to “ditch the fat.” This is quite a common mission for diet pills, of course, but this one goes on to state that “Nobody likes rolls, moobs, wobbles or excess fat.”

StripFast 5000 Fire Bullets Claims

From there, StripFast 500 Fire Bullets makes massive promises that these pills contain K-Cytro “technology” that could be the user’s “dirty little secret” in combating stubborn fat on the body.  It goes on to use a range of power words in all capital letters such as “SUPERCHARGED” and “KABOOM”.

The product claims to be a fat burner that will make it faster and easier for a user to be able to lose weight.  It proceeds, at length, to use many expressions about how powerful the product is and how impressed the user will be, without providing all that much detail about what it will actually do.


StripFast 500 Fire Bullets is based on a formula centered around K-Cytro, a trademarked ingredient combination.  Each pill contains 410 milligrams of this substance which, again, the official website goes to great length to praise and describe without actually saying anything about it.

Unfortunately, the description does not go on to support any of its claims about K-Cytro, or any of the ingredients it comprises, with any reputable research.  This means that consumers are expected to simply blindly believe that StripFast 500 Fire Bullets can live up to the claims it makes.

StripFast 500 Fire Bullets Ingredients

As it turns out, K-Cytro is a combination of “Citrus Auranthium Powder” and Raspberry Ketone Extract.  These are two extremely common ingredients in the diet pill marketplace.  That said, the first ingredient is a misspelling for “citrus aurantium powder”.  This is a substance commonly included in diet pills because of the synephrine it contains.  This makes it a stimulant-based diet pill.  Raspberry ketone is marketed as a fat burner, though it has not yet been proven to provide those benefits.

After K-Cytro, the rest of the ingredients in StripFast 500 Fire Bullets are: green tea extract, cayenne powder, caffeine anhydrous, L-phenylalanine, and green coffee extract.  This makes it very clear that this product is high in stimulants.  Many dieters will experience unwanted side effects from this product, including jitters, sleep struggles, headache, anxiety, and others.

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