Spring Valley Green Tea Plus Hoodia Reviews

Spring Valley Green Tea Plus Hoodia is a nonprescription weight loss supplement made under the Spring Valley brand of supplements that is owned by Walmart. As the name suggests, this product is based primarily on green tea – a common ingredient in the diet supplement industry – and hoodia, which is also common but that doesn’t have the scientific backing of that primary ingredient.

In fact, many circles consider hoodia to be far more about hype than about actual benefit to dieters. That said, this product – though sold in the weight loss category – does not actually make any fat loss related claims on its packaging. Instead, its main claim is that it will provide the dieter with antioxidant support and general wellness. In this sense, it doesn’t actually make any claims of benefits, whatsoever. However, Walmart still sells it in the “diet and weight supplements” section of its store and website.

At the time of the writing of this review, the official page for this product on the Walmart website listed only two active ingredients in this formula. Those ingredients are the ones that find themselves in the product name: green tea leaf extract and hoodia gordonii leaf.

There are 630 mg of green tea leaf extract in each dose of this product, which is within the range of the most favorable research that has been conducted on this substance in terms of its weight loss benefits. However, when it comes to the hoodia, there isn’t any major, reputable research to stand behind the use of this substance. That said, there have been some side effects connected with the use of hoodia by dieters.

To take Spring Valley Green Tea Plus Hoodia capsules according to the package directions, users are supposed to take two pills, twice per day – for a total of four capsules every day. The directions say to take those capsules “preferably with meals.” It also does recommend that a doctor be consulted before taking these supplements, reminding the doctor about any other medications that are also being taken. The reason is that these pills are not appropriate for all dieters and may conflict with certain common prescription or over the counter medications.

It is important to note that because there are 70 pills in each bottle of this product and four must be taken every day, each bottle will last only 17 and a half days. It’s important to factor that in when calculating the monthly cost of using this product.

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