Slimlite Skinni Chews Reviews

Slimlight Skinni Chews are a form of over the counter weight loss supplement that have been designed to make it possible to chew them up and swallow them instead of requiring that the dieter swallows them whole as is the case with many capsules and tablets. As there is a growing number of people that wants to be able to use diet supplements, but many of them struggle to swallow pills, there is also a growing number of products being developed in the alternative format category such as shakes, chews, powders, and drops.

The purpose of Slimlite Skinni Chews is to provide a chocolate flavored treat to people who want to be able to avoid giving in to their inclinations to eat sugary, high calorie snacks that can ruin the effectiveness of a diet. This product is available without a prescription and should be used in conjunction with other healthy weight loss strategy components such as reducing calories and exercising regularly.

Because of the design and nature of these supplements, they could actually be categorized not only as diet aids, but also as a kind of guilt-free snack. The reason is that the formula is meant to satisfy hunger and the craving for the taste of chocolate at the same time because they give the dieter something to chew on and to taste. That said, the formula for this product also works to reduce the appetite further without actually adding any calories to the dieter’s daily total.

The effects of hunger suppression are meant to come from those two different functions of this product. While Slimlite Skinni Chews does contain ingredients – more specifically, glucomannan – that it claims will help to suppress the appetite in an effective way, simply the act of chewing the product and swallowing sends the body signals that it has consumed something, helping to take the edge off any hunger pangs that are being felt, without causing calories to spike.

Glucomannan is an ingredient that is found very commonly in nonprescription weight loss pills. The reason is that it has been examined in some small scale studies and has been found to function as a type of fiber that will absorb several times its weight in water. Because of that, when it is taken by dieters, it will absorb water and it will swell up in the stomach, taking up room and tricking the body into thinking that it is more full than it actually is. However, it is important to point out that while the ingredient has been shown to absorb lots of water and swell up, there have yet to be any large studies that would indicate that its effects are powerful enough to lead to actual measurable weight loss.

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