Saxenda Reviews

Saxenda is a prescription weight loss drug that has received approval from the FDA. It differs from many of the other diet drugs currently available in the United States because it must be taken as an injection instead of being taken orally in the form of a pill. This medication is prescribed to certain adults who are either obese or who are overweight and must lose body fat in order to reduce their risk of certain serious medical conditions.

The use of Saxenda is not meant to make fat simply melt away from the body. Instead, it is designed to be combined with a calorie-controlled diet and regular exercise. These weight loss efforts may become more achievable and effective when combined with the use of this medication. It helps dieters to overcome some of the barriers that may have caused their previous weight loss efforts to fail.

The name “Saxenda” is actually a brand name for the generic version of a medication which is called liraglutide. That drug functions in a way that is similar to the GLP-1 (glucagon-like peptide) hormone. That hormone is secreted by the intestines and plays a role in digestion.

There are several ways in which this medication works to promote weight loss. The first is that it signals to the brain that you are full after you have consumed a smaller amount of food than you would normally require to be satisfied. It can also assist the beta cells in blood glucose normalization.

These cells produce and secrete insulin when blood glucose levels are high. This can be helpful to people who are suffering from type 2 diabetes in their effort to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. That said, this medication should not be considered to be a type 2 diabetes treatment. At the same time, unlike many other prescription diet pills, Saxenda does not act as an appetite suppressant.

If you have received a Saxenda prescription, it is very important to follow it carefully. Patients are usually directed to take one daily injection. The drug is sold in prefilled injection pens. The healthcare provider who prescribes the medication will also provide information with regards to how it should be used. Furthermore, the pharmacist may also offer some reminders with regards to the instructions the doctor gave, once the prescription is filled.

Though some people use Saxenda without any problems, it is possible to experience side effects when using this drug. Most are mild and temporary but it’s important to discuss them with a doctor so you know what to do if they should occur.

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