Saptarishi Metaslim Reviews

Saptarishi Metaslim is an Indian supplement that is based on traditional medicine from that country and that is meant to help people to be able to lose weight more effectively. Instead of requiring dieters to swallow supplements, this comes in the form of a powder and an oil.

The Saptarishi Metaslim powder is designed to be mixed with water so the dieter can drink it in order to benefit from the Ayurvedic medicine it contains. On the other hand, the oil is meant to be massaged into the skin. The massage oil should be used in the fattiest areas of the body where weight loss is desired.

The official website has issued a warning about this product, stating that there are a number of fake sites selling counterfeit versions of this product. A quick query using a search engine did not locate any such sites, which may indicate that the problem may have passed – at least for now – or it could mean that there never was a problem in the first place and this is a marketing strategy to have the product appear more popular than it actually is. Either way, the bulk of whatever problem may have existed appears to have been remedied for the English speaking market. Moreover, the manufacturer has taken the step to provide a hologram on its label to help to make the genuine product easier to identify.

All the information obtained about these products were obtained from the official manufacturer’s website for Saptarishi Metaslim.

At the time of the writing of this review, the official website for this supplement set listed the powder as containing the following ingredients: trifla, vaividang, nagarmotha, ajwain, arjuna, pipali, sendhav, chappad and errand tail. The oil, on the other hand, contained: atis, murva, nisoth, vasa, amaltas, bach, haldi, daru haldi, giloy, amla, harad, bahera, salparni, pipali, tulsi, sounth, kali mirch, dalchini elaichi, sarso tail and baes.

Unfortunately, while the manufacturer has gone to the effort of listing not only all the ingredients but also the quantities in which they are used for every dose of the product, it did not go to the extent of citing any medical studies that have linked these ingredients to weight loss or weight loss-related benefits. This could be that they simply didn’t bother taking this step for the website, or it could suggest that there hasn’t been any reputable research to suggest that these ingredients are of any help to dieters who want to safely and healthfully lose weight.

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