Regeneslim Reviews

Regeneslim is an over the counter diet supplement that is made in the United States and that has been designed with dieters in mind, when they are seeking to keep up their diet and exercise routines, but to be able to obtain better results from those efforts. These pills are among a large (and growing) number that have celebrity endorsements to try to encourage consumers to purchase them. In this case, they are promoted by Taylor Armstrong, who is a star of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”.

It is important to note that while a celebrity does have to agree to put his or her name on a product in order to endorse it, this should not be mistaken for any kind of evidence that the product actually works. Celebrity endorsements are more of a reflection of the size of the advertising and marketing budget of the manufacturer than an indication of how safe or effective it might be.

In this case, the Regenica is the manufacturer behind this diet pill. REgeneslim is not this company’s only product. In fact, it makes quite a number that are all marketed in the health and beauty category and are geared toward people who want to look like their favorite celebrities who walk the red carpets in Hollywood.

While the official website for this product says that it has been “vigorously tested” and that it is tested right down to each batch and that its “Science” tab can be used in order to check up on those tests, at the time of this review, accessing that part of the site (or any other that could be found) did not provide that promised information.

This product is made of a long list of ingredients that include ChromeMate, Citrimax, kola nut extract, green coffee bean, chlorogenic acid, R-beta-methylphenylethylamine HCl, HCl, synephrine HCl, guggulsterones, tyramine HCl, hamala extract, and coleus. Among them, the website places the greatest focus on ChromeMate and Citrimax, which are essentially just patented versions of very common ingredients, chromium and garcinia cambogia, respectively.

It is important to note that this product not only contains stimulants, which are notorious for unwanted side effects, but it actually contains very powerful ones. The synephrine HCl, alone, is potentially dangerous to some users, to the degree that the FDA has issued a warning to dieters that they could be putting their health in danger by using it.

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