Reductil Reviews

Reductil is a drug that was once sold through a doctor’s prescription in a number of different countries worldwide. This was the brand name for a generic medication which was known as sibutramine. That drug continued to be available through a prescription until January 2010. It was at that time that many countries withdrew the approval that they had previously given to the drug and proceeded to ban it. Some of the countries that once sold this diet drug and that have now banned it include the United States, Canada, Mexico, the entire E.U., the U.K., New Zealand, Australia, China, Thailand, and India.

Although moderately popular as a prescription drug for obesity patients, Reductil was stripped of its approval when it became known around the world that there could be extremely dangerous side effects associated with its use.

Equally, it is still important for dieters who are searching for effective diet pills to become aware of its name, as it is still sold in its traditional form – as well as in altered versions of the pill – in many countries where the regulations are different or from many unreputable and unethical companies online.

Even when ordering from other countries, it is not legal to purchase Reductil, nor is it safe. At the time that it was approved, it was being prescribed to dieters who were battling with obesity that they could not overcome with diet and exercise, alone. Some dieters did benefit from the use of the medication as it worked as an appetite suppressant that would help them to feel less hungry so that they would be able to eat less food and, therefore, fewer calories.

This was not meant to be a weight loss solution, on its own, but was instead seen as an accompaniment to a healthy weight loss program so that efforts such as eating healthier, portion controlled meals and exercising every day would become easier. Although this worked quite well for some dieters, there were far too many who suffered from health threatening side effects as a result of taking Reductil.

Once the benefits of taking this drug were not seen as being worth the risk to the health of the people who were taking it, it was taken down off the medication shelves and banned from sale in many countries. The cause of the danger from Reductil was in the way that it actually functioned, by impacting the brain where the signals for hunger originate.

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