Raspberry Ketone Plus Reviews

Raspberry Ketone Plus is based on an ingredient that is seeing a great deal of hype in the dieting marketplace at the moment. The drive behind this particular substance is that a number of studies are beginning to claim that it can naturally boost fat loss without the need for stimulants. That said, the studies in question have been performed exclusively on animals, so far, and have not yet included human test subjects. It is unknown as to whether the results will be as powerful in humans, or whether there will be any effect at all. That said, it doesn’t seem to have slowed the excitement that is being generated.

The center of the effects in Raspberry Ketone Plus is based on adiponcetin, which is found within the ketones. In theory, the larger the amount of adiponcetin that is present within the body, the lower the body fat will be.

Raspberry ketones are the only ingredient within this product, which means that it is putting a great deal of value onto the results of those animal studies. That research has shown that when rats are fed a high fat diet and then are injected with this ingredient, the rat will still lose weight. However, rats and humans are notably different. In the medical world, rats are only one of the first testing stages that are used before moving on to other animals that are closer to humans, and then humans themselves.

Furthermore, another point that should be made about these studies are that injections are used with the rats, and not pills. Therefore, it is unknown whether or not this method of administering the ingredient will be as effective – or effective at all.

Since no human studies have been performed and officially published, there is no way of knowing – assuming that it does work on humans – what dosage is required in order to be effective. Equally, as it has not been tested on humans, it is unknown as to whether or not side effects might occur among some individuals with various medical conditions or who are taking other supplements or drugs.

There was an unpublished small human study on raspberry ketones, but it showed that there was no statistically significant weight loss among the dieters that participated. That said, it was not a placebo controlled study, so even if there was an increase in weight loss among some dieters (which was not actually witnessed in this study) it would not be acknowledged by the medical community because it could simply be the result of the placebo effect.

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