Quadralean Reviews

Quadralean is a nonprescription, stimulant free diet pill that is meant to work as a fat burner that will speed up the weight loss process among its users. The official website claims that it will “target & control the 4 key factors of weight loss: Appetite, Fat Storage, Energy & Metabolism.”

Among the primary appeals of this product is that it is designed to be a fat burner that does not contain any stimulants. This is a small category within the fat burner diet pill market, as most fat burners depend on ingredients such as synephrine, caffeine, and other stimulants in order to boost the body’s metabolism. However, this formula is absent of those substances that can be safely used by some dieters, but that can cause unwanted side effects in others. For those who experience those side effects, there can be quite the draw for a stimulant free alternative.

The manufacturer behind this product is called RSP Nutrition. It offers a number of different types of product within the weight loss and bodybuilding categories. Many of their weight loss products are aimed at bodybuilders who are trying to eliminate the excess fat on their bodies that is causing their muscles to appear less defined.

At the time of the writing of this review, the official website for this product listed the ingredients in the formula as being: CLA (conjugated lenoleic acid), L-carnitine, raspberry ketones, and garcinia cambogia. While it may be true that these are ingredients that are common in the weight loss industry, and they are absent of stimulants, it should also be pointed out that two of them are known more for their media hype than actually producing weight loss or fat burning effects.

Both raspberry ketones and garcinia cambogia became highly popular due to some claims that were made by Dr Oz before he retracted those claims and apologized for having recommended them, saying that it was a “mistake”.

Both CLA and L-carnitine can generate some limited metabolic enhancement, but because they represent only the first half of the ingredients making up this product, it does make one wonder why they would choose this product over an alternative where all of the substances have some clinical support for the claims that are made about them, and not withdrawn claims from a television personality. Although it could be that some people could lose additional fat through the use of this product, there may also be alternatives that could achieve the same results without the unnecessary ingredients and the added expense associated with their use.

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