Pure Acai Berry Max Reviews

Pure Acai Berry Max is a nonprescription weight loss pill that has been designed to offer users weight loss based on the infamous Amazonian fruit that has been a part of nutritional headlines for several years now.

This product is made up of a combination of two active ingredients: acai berry extract and green tea extract. The only other ingredient is an anti-caking agent to make sure the capsule maintains the proper texture.

The shame of this product is based on the ingredient that has actually made its way into the product name: acai berry. This is an ingredient that has been central to dozens, if not hundreds, of weight loss pill scams over the last decade. It is one of a growing number of ingredients that experience a massive amount of media hype that consumers start to confuse with scientific evidence. Based on absolutely no medical evidence linking this substance with weight loss, hundreds of products were produced based on this fruit, all promising that it will make dieting faster and/or easier.

To this day, there has yet to be a significant, reputable study published in a peer reviewed medical journal which would suggest that acai berry has any kind of direct connection to weight loss. The best that can be said is that this ingredient does contain a high level of antioxidants, to the point that it has been compared to blueberries. Still, just because it can be considered healthful in its antioxidant content, this does not mean that it will be of any real use to a dieter.

While the product does also contain green tea extract – a substance with far more scientific evidence to support its connection to slow but measurable weight loss among obese patients – it is a shame that this isn’t the main ingredient. Moreover, studies have used high quantities of green tea in order to produce the weight loss results. The official website for Pure Acai Berry Max has not identified how much green tea extract is included in each dose of its product, making it impossible to know whether or not there is enough to produce the same types of results that were seen in the research on the ingredient.

Overall, considering that this product has named itself after an ingredient associated with so many scams in the weight loss industry, and without identifying the quantities in which the ingredients have been used, it would be difficult to recommend this product to someone attempting to lose weight.

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