Primal Cure SlimShotz Reviews

Primal Cure SlimShotz is a glucomannan based over the counter weight loss supplement. According to the official Primal Cure website, it was developed to provide metabolism support and assist in overall healthy weight management. This product is also supposed to be high in fiber in order to give gut healthy a dose of support as well.

This product is made in the United Kingdom and claims to have been GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified. At the time this review was written, the ingredients that comprised this product’s formula – including both active and non-active substances – included Glucomannan (sulphites), Inulin, Vitamin C (as Ascorbc Acid), Citric Acid, Flavouring, Acidity Regulator (sodium citrate), sweetener (stevia), Malic Acid (acid), Colour (Beetroot Extract), Cranberry Fruit Powder, Zinc Citrate.

Essentially, this is a glucomannan supplement. That ingredient is not unique to Primal Cure SlimShotz but is seen quite frequently in the over the counter weight loss industry. It is sold as a part of capsules as well as powders that are mixed into beverages. In this case, the product is sold as sachets of powder that are mixed into a drink.

The reason this ingredient is used as frequently as it is, is that glucomannan has a growing body of evidence to suggest that this fiber can help to reduce hunger levels. Therefore, while it doesn’t, in itself, cause body fat to be lost, its effects can help to make it easier for a dieter to stick to a calorie-restricted eating plan. The better someone adheres to such an eating strategy, the better his or her odds of getting closer to a weight goal.

Glucomannan has been shown to absorb up to 50 times its size in water. This allows it to expand greatly once it’s in the stomach. There, it leads the stomach to naturally stretch – a regular part of the eating process – which is detected by receptors that then sends signals to the brain through the leptin hormone. When enough of the hormone arrives in the brain, the hunger pangs shut down as though the user was full with food.

That said, glucomannan is not digested, it merely takes up space. This, combined with a healthy, properly sized meal can leave the dieter feeling more satisfied and, therefore, potentially less likely to overeat.

In addition to the glucomannan, Primal Cure SlimShotz also contains inulin, vitamin C and zinc, for which it calls itself a healthy product. It’s true that the vitamin and mineral are a part of a healthy balanced diet. That said, this is by no means a complete health supplement nor should it replace a nutritious diet.

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