Optimus Green Coffee Bean Extract Reviews

Optimus Green Coffee Bean Extract is an over the counter diet pill that is designed to take advantage of the greatly hyped benefits of the ingredient that gave the product its name. It is a supplement that is manufactured by RDK Global. Although the manufacturer has created a website that is dedicated to this product, it is more than clear that the primary focus is to ensure that it generates as many sales as possible, as opposed to actually providing the consumer with a resource that will allow him or her to educate him or herself about what it has to offer.

That said, as this is the main official source of information for this product, that website was used to obtain the claims and ingredients list for the purpose of this review. Much of the text content of the website was used to praise the use of green coffee bean extract within this product. It specifically said that “a scientific study of green coffee bean extract by Dr. Oz,” had shown that gradual and safe weight loss would result from the use of that substance, even without making any significant changes to exercise or diet.

That said, a footnote at the base of the webpage did recognize that the website and the product have absolutely no affiliation with Dr. Oz or his show. It also stated that Dr. Oz has never endorsed this product. That said, it would likely also be quite helpful of the website if it pointed out that Dr. Oz had never conducted research on green coffee bean extract, either. All he did was mention it on his daytime television show. That is not the same thing as a scientific study.

Also important is that Dr. Oz was required to face a U.S. Senate Committee for having made claims about green coffee bean extract and other unproven ingredients that he had recommended. Therefore, a recommendation from this television celebrity may not be considered to be a proper form of proof to show that it actually works.

That said, there has actually been some research conducted on green coffee bean extract. At best, the results could be said to be inconclusive. There have been some promising studies, but there have also been others that have shown that there could potentially be risks involved in using that ingredient and that it is very important that further study occur before any official conclusions can be drawn.

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