Omni Colon Cleanse Reviews

Omni Colon Cleanse is a nonprescription weight loss product that is manufactured by a company called Omni Herbals.

According to the manufacturer’s official website, this product helps to restore the user’s ideal digestive functions. Moreover, the manufacturer also claims that it helps to reduce high blood pressure and cholesterol. The product has been designed to suppress the appetite so that its users will no longer overeat. It is meant to gradually reduce the amount of eating that a person does in order to make it possible to lose weight.

It is also supposed to help to improve bowel movements, reduce the need for straining, and reduce the effects of diarrhea, constipation, and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

Colon cleanses are a controversial practice and many doctors recommend against them due to the strain that they can place on the body and many of its organs and systems. For that reason, it is very important to speak with a doctor before starting the use of this product or any other type of cleanse or detox.

The ingredients that make up the Omni Colon Cleanse formula include: psyllium husks, fennel seed, senna leaf, buckthorn & cascara sagrada bark, burdock root, aloe vera leaf, rhubarb root, acidophilus, barley grass leaf, apple pectin leaf, oat fiber and citrus fiber, and barberry root.

These substances are focused not only on digestive health, but many of them also work as natural laxatives. While those can be helpful under the right circumstances, the majority of people do not need laxatives and can actually place their overall health in danger if they start to use them. While none of these ingredients will typically cause any problems when used individually, the number of different types of laxative and bowel movement supporting substances in this product could produce some unwanted effects in some users.

Moreover, these ingredients could potentially conflict with certain other supplements, medications, drugs, and health conditions. Therefore, it is wise to seek professional medical guidance before starting the use of these pills.

The official website for this product provides information for each of the ingredients to describe what it is and why it has been included in this formula. This is a respectful step that has been taken by the manufacturer to help consumers to be able to better inform themselves about the product. Unfortunately, it has not included links or references to any studies that would support the claims that are made about each of these substances.

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