Nuvoryn Reviews

Nuvoryn is a weight loss supplement that is sold by a manufacturer that has created a substantial website around it and that provides a large amount of information for dieters who are considering the products as well as those who have already purchased it.

The site offers everything from the complete list of ingredients in the Nuvoryn formula, as well as before and after photos, testimonials, and even references to clinical studies. It should be noted that no links are provided to the clinical studies, leading a dieter to wonder whether or not they are real, though this is a step up from a vast number of other similar products currently available in the nonprescription diet product marketplace.

Among the links that are not provided, the studies mentioned are not published in medical journals or in reports that the medical community would find acceptable (for example, one of the studies included only 44 participants and the supplement was taken with apple juice instead of water, negating any benefits or reactions that are seen as they could just as easily be attributed to the apple juice or caused by a reaction between the supplement and the juice).

Though some of the Nuvoryn ingredients do have some backing by clinical studies, others have no support from research whatsoever. Among the substances within the formula are: green tea, guarana, hoodia, acai, and resveratrol among several others. Acai, for example, has seen a tremendous amount of hype in the weight loss marketplace, but has yet to be proven to accomplish anything but provide a good dose of antioxidants, which have nothing to do with weight loss. Resveratrol is an equally controversial substance in this industry. Though pure hoodia has been clinically proven to be an effective appetite suppressant, it is highly difficult to obtain the rights to import and use it, making it very rare and expensive. For that reason, even when it is claimed to be purse within a supplement’s formula, more often than not, it isn’t. Nothing on the official website suggested that this manufacturer had the necessary rights to the substance that would mean that it used the proper type of hoodia.

One consumer website has registered 94 customer complaints about this product, which doesn’t bode well for its efficacy.

At the time of this review, one bottle cost $49.95 when purchased from the official website (marked down from $59.95). There was also a deal available where if two bottles were purchased for $99.90, a whole additional bottle would be provided for free. Other bulk deals were also available.

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