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NoPhedra is one of a range of different pills that were released after the FDA banned ephedra in weight loss pills. That ingredient had previously been considered to be legal but was removed from the market after its use was linked to several dangerous side effects and after it was connected with several deaths. The banning of that ingredient changed the shape of the over the counter weight loss industry and businesses scrambled to replace it with formulas they claimed would be as strong but much safer. This is exactly the type of claim that NoPhedra’s manufacturer has made about its use.

This product is ephedra-free and is meant to be used as a fat burner in order to accelerate the results that dieters can achieve from their weight loss strategies.

The product is made of 200 mg of Advantra Z and 5 mg of Forslean, both registered trademarked ingredients made out of citrus aurantium and coleus forskolii, respectively. It also contains green tea leaf extract, guarana, L-tyrosine, Flavanex-ER (which is actually made of quercetin, naringin and fisetin) and 5-hydroxytryptophan.

Unfortunately, a quick glance at this formula makes it clear that just because it does not contain ephedra, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is safe for everyone to use. In fact, it still contains a substance about which the FDA has released a consumer warning. Despite the fact that citrus aurantium is legal, it doesn’t mean that it is completely safe. The warning was issued because there have been a growing number of cases that have been associated with side effects that can be dangerous to a person’s health.

The reason is that citrus aurantium contains synephrine. While this can already cause blood pressure to rise and increase the risk of heart attack and stroke, that problem becomes even worse when it is combined with caffeine. When synephrine and caffeine are brought together (such as through green tea leaf extract and guarana – both of which are contained in this product), the risk of these dangerous side effects increases significantly.

This makes it quite difficult to think of a reason to recommend NoPhedra, despite the fact that all its ingredients are technically considered to be legal. It is highly recommended that a doctor be consulted before beginning the use of this product or any similar diet pill. It is also important to note that these ingredients may conflict with a number of different prescription drugs, medical conditions and over the counter medications.

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