Metabolife Ultra Reviews

Matabolife Ultra is one of many weight loss products that are manufactured under the Metabolife brand name by the ISI Brand Company. This manufacturer owns a number of other companies and brands within the health and weight loss categories.

Metabolife Ultra is a thermogenic weight loss supplement. The manufacturer claims that it will help to reduce the user’s appetite while boosting fat burning and energy levels. The nature of this pill is as a thermogenic supplement. This means that it claims to be able to raise the body temperature and, therefore, burn off more calories in the form of heat. Thermogenics are typically considered to be most effective when combined with cardio exercises as it helps those workouts to result in great fat burning. That said, these should be taken with caution and users should be careful to drink adequate amounts of water to help to reduce the risk of dehydration from the increased body heat.

Among the ingredients in this product are calcium, chromium, HCA, potassium, SuperCitrimax, caffeine, and coenzyme Q10. Although the company claims that this is a new and exciting list of ingredients, all of these substances are found quite commonly in nonprescription weight loss pills.

SuperCitrimax is meant to be an appetite suppressant. According to Metabolife Ultra’s marketing literature, HCA is clinically proven. However, no clinical trials were mentioned on the official website, and a brief search online could not find any conclusive studies that suggest that this substance leads to increased weight loss.

Among all of the ingredients on the list, caffeine is that most researched and trusted. It has been shown to boost fat burning and increase the metabolic rate. Though there are studies to indicate that caffeine can improve weight loss when used properly, no reference to this research was made on the official website. It is important to note that caffeine tends to work in temporary bursts, so to ensure that it has its greatest impact, it needs to be taken more than once per day. This does align well with the recommendation on the directions for this product that it be taken two capsules at a time, three times per day.

The primary concern, however, is that it is taken before the three meals. This means that one of the servings of Metabolife Ultra will be taken at dinner, which will be too close to bedtime for many users. The reason that it should not be taken within several hours of going to bed is that caffeine is notorious for causing sleeplessness.

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