Mega-T Green Tea Chocolate Chews Reviews

Mega-T Green Tea Chocolate Chews are a type of pill alternative product that is manufactured by North South Science, a company that has a number of different supplements in the nonprescription weight loss category. These are designed to offer dieters assistance in losing weight by suppressing their appetite.

The formula for the Mega-T Green Tea Chocolate Chews is not revealed in its entirety on the official website for the product, which is frustrating for many dieters that are seeking to inform themselves with regards to the possible effectiveness and appropriateness of the product. Instead of being sold in the form of a tablet, caplet, or capsule, this comes as a chew, which could be highly appealing to dieters who struggle to be able to swallow pills. Moreover, it is chocolate flavored, which could theoretically help a dieter to feel as though he or she were enjoying a bit of a treat, satisfying the sweet tooth.

Though the Mega-T Green Tea Chocolate Chews suggests that there is green tea in the formula for this product, the only ingredient that is actually identified as a part of its formula is glucomannan. This is a natural form of fiber that the manufacturer claims will swell to 200 times its original weight when it absorbs water. Therefore, when taking the product according to its instructions – chewing one a half hour before each meal of the day, and drinking 8 ounces of water along with it – the idea is that the stomach will be filled with a fiber that won’t be digested, reducing hunger without boosting calories. The claim is that “you’ll feel full for hours” so that the dieter will consume less and therefore lose weight.

Unfortunately, there isn’t any reputable scientific evidence from a large medical study on humans that would actual prove that glucomannan will actually have any impact on weight loss when consumed in this way – despite the fact that the box for the product states that it contains a “clinically effective” ingredient.

The Mega-T Green Tea Chocolate Chews are sugar-free, gluten-free, and contain no trans fats. That said, it likely does contain some sort of alternative or artificial sweetener that is not identified on the official website. Considering the flack that many artificial sweeteners have received in reputable medical studies over the last little while, it is unfortunate that this product doesn’t say whether or not it actually contains them.

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