MediSlim Reviews

MediSlim is a nonprescription weight loss formula that is designed to function as a meal replacement instead of a pill or a capsule. It is formulated with protein and complex carbs as well as fat burners to encourage the body to feel fuller while it uses more stored body fat as energy. The formula also contains vitamins, minerals and fibers.

The official description for this product on the British Biologicals website says that it “blocks fat by curbing the appetite” while it also decreases cravings. This somehow suggests that it is a fat blocker, but only because it makes the dieter feel less hungry so he or she won’t eat as much fat in the first place. This statement therefore either represents either a deliberate misinterpretation of the term “fat blocker” in order to deceive consumers, or it is a blatant lack of understanding of the term, which is an important one within the weight loss and dieting industry.

The product is also supposed to reduce cravings and boost thermogenesis – where the body uses more calories and stored fats in order to produce more heat and raise the body temperature. Overall, the description of the product calls it a “complete nutrition powder for weight loss.”

At the time of the writing of this review, the active ingredients within this formula were listed as hydrocycitric acid (HCA), conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), soy protein isolate and chromium.

Two scoops of this powder (40g) are meant to be mixed with lukewarm, skim milk in order to replace one of the three main meals of the day, “preferably dinner”. While meal replacement in this way remains a popular weight loss category, it is typically considered to be more of a short-term or fad diet than one that would result in weight loss that can be maintained over the long term.

Many doctors tend to steer dieters away from this kind of diet as it does not promote the adoption of healthy lifestyle habits that will be required to keep off any weight that is lost. Moreover, using this type of product does not foster a strong healthy relationship with food that is needed in order to ensure proper nutrition and portion size over the long term. This kind of diet also doesn’t focus on exercise, which is a vital second component to weight management.

Before considering the use of MediSlim, it is a very good idea to speak with a licensed doctor as this may not be appropriate for your dietary or medical needs.

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