Max GXL Reviews

Max GXL is an over the counter weight loss pill that has been designed by a manufacturer called Max International in order to help people to overcome the issues associated with decreased glutathione levels. It is often sold within the weight loss category for dieters who want to shed the excess pounds in a way that is faster and easier than what is possible by following a diet and exercise program, exclusively. The manufacturer has an official website on which there is a page dedicated to this product. It explains that it is appropriate for use by both male and female users who want to benefit from higher energy levels while enhancing their immune systems.

The official Max GXL webpage provides a great deal of its information through a short video, which provides an explanation as to the benefits that it claims to be able to provide its users. The focus of the video is on cosmetic problems and on the impact that natural aging has on the function and appearance of the body. Therefore, the claim has been designed to say that by taking this supplement, a user will feel more young and healthy all of the time. It also includes what it claims to be customer testimonials within the vide.

Further on the webpage, it states that by taking this pill, the body is better capable of both producing and absorbing glutathione. That is a substance that isn’t actually included in the list of ingredients in this formulation. That said, it does contain, L-glutamine, alpha lipoic acid, and vitamin C. It is believed that each of those substances is important to the natural manufacture of glutathione within the body. The remainder of the ingredients within these pills are: cordyceps, N-acetyl D-glucosamine, quercetin, milk thistle extract, and gelatin. At the time that this review was written, the pills were being sold for $85 for a bottle that will last for one month when used according to the manufacturer’s directions. This is slightly on the high side in this product category, but if it lives up to its claims, many dieters would likely find the price worthwhile.

Glutathione is an antioxidant. It is believed that when it is available in adequate quantities in the body, it can help to support a healthy immune system and enhance energy levels. It also has been claimed to provide a general feeling of wellbeing and support for a healthy liver. The levels of this antioxidant are supposed to decrease over time.

Despite the fact that this product is sold in the weight loss category, there are no indications that it does anything other than enhance energy levels. This suggests that while this supplement can be taken as an overall health enhancer, it doesn’t actually make any promises specific to slimming and dieting.

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