Lipozene Reviews

Liposine is a form of over the counter diet pill that has generated a significant quantity of media attention both online and on television. The manufacturing company behind this product has clearly dedicated solid portion of its budget to marketing and making sure that consumers will be able to find this product when they are seeking some way to make their dieting results arrive faster and more easily.

That company is called Obesity Research Institute LLC. This is a business that is based in Encinitas, California. Other than that searching for information about this company, online, turned up very little information. It is not a BBB accredited business.

Therefore, Lipozene must be reviewed based on itself and not the company behind it. The promise that has been made on the official product website is that even if no changes are made to a dieter’s exercise or eating routines, it will still be possible to lose excess weight. This is a very common claim in the diet supplement marketplace, but unfortunately, it is one that has never been proven to be achieved by a single product. Weight loss requires a dieter to change either his or her eating habits, or his or her exercise regimen, or (ideally) both.

There are some customer testimonials on the official website. This suggests that Lipozene may be helpful for weight loss. The key to what the customers have shared, however, was that the reason that they felt that they lost weight was because of the appetite suppression. When thinking about this more deeply, it should be easy to realize the flaw in that claim when compared to the promise made by the manufacturer with regards to the weight loss benefits. Appetite suppression, on its own, doesn’t simply cause fat to magically disappear. The advantage to a reduced appetite is that it is easier to eat a smaller amount of food. Therefore, by eating less, it means that fewer calories can be consumed and, therefore, weight can be lost. However, eating less reflects a change in diet, which the manufacturer claims is not necessary to the results of this product!

Off the official website, there are a large number of third party sites that have recorded customer reviews that both praise Lipozene and speak out against it. Though there are some people who were satisfied with the product, there were a large number that stated that they didn’t experience any benefits at all, and a notable group that felt unwanted side effects, too.

Lipozene is based on one ingredient, glucomannan, which is unproven for any direct weight loss benefits. Regardless, these diet pills are quite expensive, as it would cost $180 for a month’s supply, if taking the 6 daily capsules, as recommended by the product directions.

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