Lipo Slender Reviews

Lipo Slender is one of hundreds of different over the counter diet supplements that all claim that they are a form of miracle product that will help dieters to lose weight with tremendous ease. The product makes very strong claims about what it can do and how it can help to shed the excess pounds.

Its website states that by taking these pills – even without changing your diet or exercising – you will automatically be able to lose weight and burn through your body fat. At the same time you will be able to maintain your muscle and will not feel hungry. These are exceptionally common promises that are never kept within this industry unless the best ingredients are used in combination with a decrease in daily caloric intake and an increase in regular exercise – which is not necessarily recommended by the manufacturers of this product.

The effects that are supposed to be produced by Lipo Slender include higher energy levels, a reduction in cravings, and a fast acting antioxidant. While positive consumer reviews could not be located online at the time that this review was written, there were a large number of customer complaints, including on the popular Scambook website.

Customer service for this product could also not be located at the time of this review, so the perspective of the actual manufacturer could not be determined and no rebuttal could be found for the many, many negative comments left by the product’s users.

Among the active ingredients in Lipo Slender are: green coffee, ginger, psyllium husks, green tea, caffeine and chlorogenic acid. Although green coffee, green tea, and caffeine are all known for having somewhat of a positive impact on weight loss, they also all contain stimulants. In small amounts, this shouldn’t cause much of a problem to the majority of users, but as these have all been combined, this suggests that issues of shakiness and trembling, anxiety, upset stomach, sleep disturbances, headaches, and other side effects could be present as a result of the use of this product. Moreover, the studies that suggest that green coffee, for example, can be helpful in weight loss used considerably more of that ingredient than is present within this pill.

With such dubious information and claims and such a lousy track record with actual customers, it is unlikely that any reputable doctor or organization would ever recommend Lipo Slender to dieters seeking a safe and effective product.

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