LA-3 Reviews

LA-3 is an over the counter diet pill. Its manufacturer markets it as a natural formula with ingredients extracted from plant chemicals. It claims to be able to provide users with a boost in energy and increased cognitive function.  At the same time, using it is supposed to reduce body weight.

LA-3 Ingredients

The company behind LA-3, Live Cell Research, is based in California.  That company produces  a number of wellness products. It calls itself a nutraceutical company.  This pill is sold on its own as well as a part of the LA-3 kit.

The ingredients in this product does not contain any animal products, lactose or chemical-based preservatives.

The formula includes:

  • Gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract (450mg) – This is a plant native to china and that is frequently used in traditional Chinese medicine.  It is often used as a sweetener and some people use it to try to combat the signs of aging.  That said, there is no proof that it would directly contribute to weight loss.
  • Quercetin dihydrate (100mg) – This insoluble compound is sourced from vegetables and fruits and has properties such as antioxidants.  Again, this ingredient has not been conclusively directly linked with weight loss by reputable research.
  • Berberine HCI (100mg) – A preliminary study suggested that this ingredient may help with lipid metabolism, that is the body’s processing of dietary fats.  That said, this does not mean that it has been linked with fat loss.

Diet Pill Benefits

It is unclear as to how the ingredients in the LA-3 formula will contribute in a meaningful increase in energy or cognitive function as promised in the product’s marketing claims.  Equally, the claims suggest that this diet pill will improve sugar cravings, but it isn’t evident why those ingredients will offer any improvements in these areas.

According to Live Cell Research, this pill can help a person to overcome the forgetfulness and capacity for him or her to remember and keep up with workouts and other tasks that would require them to be alert and active.

Though it is unlikely that taking this pill will result in direct weight loss, the ingredients are unlikely to be dangerous if used by a healthy adult in the recommended amounts.  Still, it is very important to consult with a doctor before starting to use this product.  That way, you can be sure that you don’t have a medical condition that would conflict with any of these ingredients.  It will also help you to know that you’re not taking any medications or other supplements that will interact with LA-3.

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