Kyani Nitro Reviews

Kyani Nitro is a nonprescription weight loss product that uses a scientific-sounding angle to try to differentiate itself from the competition. Though the claims it makes are fascinating, it doesn’t actually go to the extent of backing any of them up with research or even basic reputable sources. Unfortunately, this would require dieters to blindly believe the promises made, which is never a recommended practice for people buying supplements.

The product is made up of a proprietary blend that is centered around a noni concentrate. The official webpage for the product says that the ingredient boosts the body’s natural Nitric Oxide (NO) production. Calling NO the “Molecule of Life,” the website makes bold statements about its ability to heal, protect and maintain every cell throughout the body. It claims that this has been “studied extensively by researchers and physicians,” but does not make reference to a single instance of that research.

This is troubling particularly because it goes on to claim that it has been found to be a “powerful, health-promoting molecule by a large number of scientific papers.” Reputable companies making truthful statements would have made the extra effort to reference or at least link to a handful of those published studies. If they are as plentiful as the company claimed, they would be easy to find and to cite. This has not been the case for Kyani Nitro.

The site points to a Nobel Prize in Physiology of Medicine regarding the study of Nitric Oxide. However, nothing about the statement it made indicated that the Kyani Nitro product has anything to do with the findings made by the three Nobel winners from 1998. Just because a substance was studied, it doesn’t mean that it was proven to be effective in all ways and through all methods.

Indeed, Nitric Oxide is a fascinating substance but nothing the official website states would suggest that Kyani Nitro, itself has been researched or proven in any way. As a result, it is unknown whether the product’s specific proprietary formulation, its ingredients, or the quantities in which those substances were used would be of any benefit to the user. In fact, it isn’t even known whether or not the design of the product is safe for most people, whether it could lead to side effects, or if it could lead to dependency, addiction and/or withdrawal symptoms.

It’s highly recommended that anyone considering the use of Kyani Nitro first consult a licensed doctor.

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