Ignite Maxx Reviews

Ignite Maxx is an over the counter weight loss supplement. This product is made by a company called EPXBody LLC. This product was created for dieters who are seeking to manage or lose weight. According to the product page on the official manufacturer’s website, by using this product, you can expect to get your appetite under control, to boost thermogenesis in your body and decrease the amount of body fat you have, thereby lowering your body mass overall.

While the product description doesn’t specifically state that Ignite Maxx is meant exclusively for women, much of the product page is hot pink in color and all the images of people who are using the product are women. This indicates that even if the product would work for anyone who tried it, it is clear that women are the main target market.

The claim about the ingredients that make up this formulation are that they function within the body by boosting fat cell mitochondria by converting the white stored fat into brown fat, which is easier to burn. Mitochondria can burn through brown fat more readily than white fat, according to certain studies.

Moreover, the website also claims that hybrid fat cells (which are the cells that have had their mitochondria increased because of the diet pill) will be able to minimize the size of their cells and will burn through the fat stored there.

The supplement facts sheet on the official webpage for the product currently lists the ingredients as being: chromium as well as a proprietary blend that consists of panax ginseng root extract, green tea leaf extract, caffeine (200 mg), sea buckthorn fruit extract, digestive enzymes (amyplase, protease, lipase, papain and bromelain), high-fucoxanthin brown seaweed, raspberry ketones, capsicum fruit extract (Capsimax™), rhodiola root extract and black pepper.

Ignite Maxx combines natural ingredients with a trademarked one, more specifically one called Capsimax. Capsimax is a propriatery blend of thermogenic ingredients that include capsicum extract, caffeine, piperine and niacin.

The capsicum and caffeine in that combination are well known for being thermogenics and the piperine is recognized for boosting the bioavailability of other ingredients. That means that it helps to ensure that the body will absorb more of the ingredients so that the maximum possible effects will result.

It should be pointed out that the amount of caffeine in this product is about the same as two cups of coffee, so anyone who couldn’t sit down and drink two cups of coffee without experiencing jitters or other side effects might find that they are not entirely comfortable with the results they receive from these pills.

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