IdealShape Meal Replacement Shakes Reviews

IdealShape Meal Replacement Shakes are, as their name suggests, meant to be consumed in place of a traditional meal in order to provide weight loss benefits. The idea is to use these shakes as certain meals during the day so that you will be able to keep your calorie intake under control without skipping a meal or having to prepare one that is quite time consuming.

Many people who live by busy schedules find this type of product appealing because it helps them to obtain a specific level of nutrition without resorting to fast food or skipping the meal completely.

The official IdealShape brand website has a webpage specific to the meal replacement shakes. The description provided about this product claims that they will assist dieters in controlling their hunger so they will be better equipped to eat an appropriate number of calories each day. When dieters eat the right number of calories, they will typically lose weight. According to the official description, this product has been “proven to block hunger for up to 3 hours.”

Unfortunately, there are two important reasons that this statement should be considered as questionable at best.

The first reason to be suspicious about that claim is that while the site does say that the product is proven to block hunger, it doesn’t actually cite any reputable studies that would support that claim. When companies have legitimate research to support the claims they have made, they will usually proudly share them so customers can verify the validity of the promises being made.

However, without that information, it’s impossible to tell whether a claim has been proven in a study published in a peer reviewed, medical journal, whether it was tested on two employees of the company itself and the findings were labeled as facts, or whether the description contains a claim that has never been supported by any evidence of any quality.

Leaving a consumer to blindly trust a claim that a product or its ingredients are proven is not the typical behavior of a company that has the evidence it needs to back up its promises. While this may not be the case with IdealShape Meal Replacement Shakes, the company hasn’t given customers any way to know for themselves.

The second reason the claim might be questioned is that it contains the term “up to” in the amount of time it has been proven to work. “Up to” is a term that should be watched for in this industry, as it essentially means that the product can work for a maximum of 3 hours. However, if the product worked for only thirty seconds or not at all, the statement would still be accurate.

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