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IC-5 is an over the counter diet pill that is manufactured by a company called BioTrust. The claims about it are that its users will be able to drop 30 pounds without having to make any changes to their diets. This is a common type of claim by nonprescription diet pill manufacturers but it is not one that has been proven to be achieved by the time of this review.

Could it be possible that BioTrust’s IC-5 is the first pill to allow weight to simply drop off the body in massive amounts, without having to accompany it with diet changes? Its website also recommends that if a dieter needs to lose 10 pounds or less, only one bottle is needed, but if 30 pounds or more must be lost, then at least 6 bottles will be required.

Therefore, it can be assumed that by using IC-5 according to the manufacturer’s instructions, then it will be able to keep its promise of dropping 30 pounds without diet changes within 60 days. The reviewers have come to this assumption because each bottle contains 60 capsules. According to the directions, 2 capsules should be taken ahead of any high carbohydrate meal. Assuming that the average person eats three meals per day, this means that 6 capsules will be taken every day. That means that every bottle will last for 10 days. With six bottles, that means that it will take as little as 60 days for that thirty pounds of weight loss to occur without changing the diet.

Even if this did work, it is not typically the type of diet that would be recommended by most doctors because it doesn’t help to overcome the cause of the weight loss. Therefore, as soon as the dieter stops taking the pills, then the weight will return because he or she hasn’t made any lifestyle changes to make up for it.

The promise of this caffeine and stimulant free pill is that it will use a unique blend of 5 ingredients to enhance blood sugar level balance and that it will help to burn fat and that carbs will be used for building muscle instead of fat.

The ingredients in the formula include cinnamon bark, berberis aristata root bark extract, pterocarpus marsupium, fenugreek extract, and r-alpha-lipoic acid.

It is difficult to recommend any diet pill that recommends weight loss that is not accompanied by proper healthy lifestyle changes. It is unlikely that this one will be able to live up to its claims, though it is unknown how much of an impact it could have if it was combined with proper eating habits and regular exercise.

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