Health Spark Konjac Fibre Reviews

Health Spark Konjac Fibre is a nonprescription appetite suppressant that is relatively widely available. It can be found in certain retail stores and nutrition shops as well as in several online retailers. It is based on a substance called glucomannan (also known as konjac root, hence the name of the product) which is very common in the nonprescription weight loss industry.

The product has been designed to work by reducing the user’s appetite so that he or she will be able to eat less without suffering from as much hunger. In this way, the idea is that some dieters will be able to reduce their daily caloric intake and lose weight more quickly and easily, without the sensation of “starving” that can cause so many diets to fail.

According to the official website for this product, the only active ingredient in the formula is the glucomannan, which means that this is the only substance that will be producing any type of weight loss effects. Therefore, it is very important for dieters to look more closely into the research that has been conducted on this substance in order to decide whether the product is appropriate for their weight loss needs and expectations.

At the time of this review, the official Health Spark website appeared to be under construction, as the product category lists and alphabetical product lists were there, but they did not yet contain any links to the appropriate pages.

While this suggests that information will soon become available about Health Spark Konjac Fiber, it also means that consumers won’t yet be able to access official claims and ingredients lists until that site is complete.

For the purposes of this review, third party sites selling the product were consulted. According to their information, no research was cited to support the use of glucomannan as a weight loss supplement. Therefore, a database of medical journals was consulted in order to discover whether or not doctors are likely to consider this substance to be proven for losing weight and if it has any side effects of which dieters should be aware.

At the moment, research on this ingredient is limited and the studies are few and far between. It is very unlikely that it will be considered to be proven for fat loss purposes. Whether or not there are side effects is not entirely known, and the ideal dosage – assuming that it is appropriate for dieters – has not yet been determined. A doctor should be consulted before starting the use of this product.

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