Green Stinger Reviews

Green Stinger is a nonprescription weight loss supplement that is made and manufactured by Schwartz Pharmaceuticals. That is an American company that produces its supplements within the United States. The company describes its supplement as being a type of extreme fat burner.

Still, it’s important not to simply believe this type of claim or take it at face value, not because this company has a dubious reputation. It is instead because this claim is made by thousands of products across the internet and on brick and mortar store shelves. However, only a few handfuls of them can actually live up to that claim. It is, therefore, up to the individual dieter to do their homework and check into a product before forking over the cash and trusting that it will be safe to use.

When taking a closer look at Green Stinger, it’s not hard to understand why it is labeled as an extreme level of fat burner. The reason is that it contains several stimulants that are known to be quite powerful. The first one to stand out, however, is ephedra. That should raise a very red flag for any consumer, despite the green color of this pill’s name. The reason is that ephedra has been deemed illegal in any quantity in weight loss pills in the United States and many other countries. The FDA banned this ingredient several years ago after there were numerous reports of extreme side effects as well as several deaths. One fatality was particularly high profile as it involved a major league baseball player.

Even more worrisome than the fact that purchasing this making, selling and purchasing this product is illegal in the United States is that it isn’t just the ephedra that makes it dangerous. This product also contains synephrine as well as other substances that contain caffeine. Ephedra in combination with caffeine and ephedra in combination with synephrine becomes even more dangerous than ephedra on its own. Moreover, caffeine and synephrine should not be combined, according to another warning by the FDA. The warning cautioned consumers that combining synephrine and caffeine can place them at an increased risk of heart attack and stroke.

At the time of the writing of this review, the Green Stinger ingredients were: ephedra extract, citrus aurantium, synephrine extract, yohimatrix (two versions of yohimbine HCl), phenylethylamine HCl, acacia rigidula, Theobroma CoCoa, green tea extract, naringen, pure white willow bark extract, evodiamine and TriENRG (kola nut, guarana extract and yerba mate).

This product is not recommended as it could be very dangerous for many users.

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