Gravitate Reviews

Gravitate is a weight loss capsule sold over the counter and that is marketed to both men and women who are seeking to lose more body fat. Its website claims that it is appropriate for men and women of all ages and that it is stimulant-free.

While some dieters like having stimulants in their diet pills because they benefit from the energy boost as well as a potential appetite suppression and extra fat burning, there are many reasons that some dieters would prefer not to have stimulants in their supplements.

Among the most common are that some people have sensitivities to stimulants and will experience side effects from them even at low doses. That said, other people are already taking medications or pills containing stimulants or they enjoy their morning coffee and would rather get their caffeine from those sources than from a diet product. Moreover, stimulants can interfere with certain medications or medical conditions.

That said, this product is also marketed along with the statement “no side-effects,” which is always concerning. The reason is that every active ingredient in any product comes with the chance that a side effect could occur. In fact, even the benefits are technically considered to be side effects. Even if there haven’t been any reported side effects, it doesn’t mean that the risk is nonexistent.

The Gravitate formula is broken into two parts called Supersculpt and DietVits. These are both sold as capsules designed to work together. The brand also recommends that dieters use snack replacement shakes along with those two capsules.

Every order of the Supersculpt and DietVits from Gravitate comes with a Weight Loss Guide, which is added for free. It was created to help dieters to know how to best incorporate the products into their lifestyles to bring on weight loss. It also provides other types of guidance and tips to help improve weight loss results.

The product comes with a 35 day money back guarantee which begins from the order date. It requires the customer to return the product – even if part of it has been used – at their own expense. Once the return has been made according to the instructions laid out on the website, the product price – though not the shipping to or from the company – is fully refunded. The guarantee is said to be acceptable for any reason, though it’s important to note that 35 days from the purchase date is not a long time to know whether or not a weight loss product is working.

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