Fuco Prime Reviews

Fuco Prime is an over the counter weight loss supplement that is created by Nature’s Biology. This manufacturer recommends that the use of this supplement be combined with that of two others that are distributed by the same company, called Hoodia Prime and Ultra Prime.

Fuco Prime is the result of a discovery that was made by University researchers in Japan. They were working in the Hokkaido lab when they found that the main ingredient in this product, fucoxanthin, could generate a number of effects in the body. That substance is an extract from brown seaweed. The researchers found that large amounts of this substance could promote thermogenesis, which is a reaction in which heat is produced by the body. When a lot of heat is produced, it means that calories are being burned off to raise the body temperature instead of being stored as fat or having to be burned off in another way, such as exercise.

At the same time, though, studies have since been conducted on Xanthigen (a brand name verison of fucoxanthin), which have been inconclusive. In fact, even the studies that showed that there was more weight loss in the group using this ingredient than among those taking a placebo suggested that this was the result of reduced caloric intake and not necessarily because of the pills.

It has also been suggested that consuming Fuco Prime can help to reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) levels and that it can help to better liver function and blood pressure, that it acts as an antioxidant so it can promote better cell health, and it can encourage better cardiovascular health, as well. Many people like the sound of this ingredient because, unlike several other types of stimulant ingredients, it does not have an impact on the central nervous system and will therefore not produce side effects such as jitters and sleeplessness.

At the time of this review, a monthly supply of Fuco Prime costs $57.00. Discounts are available for buying larger quantities, instead of one at a time. That said, if it were to be taken according to the manufacturer’s directions, it means that it must be taken with Hoodia Prime and Ultra Prime. Before shipping, the combined price of a monthly supply of all three of those products is $171.00 if they are purchased separately, or $127.00 if purchased together. This is an extremely high price tag when compared to other similar products on the market.

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