Forza Konjac Fibre Reviews

Forza Konjac Fiber is an over the counter diet pill that was created for the purpose of assisting dieters who are struggling to lose weight. The assistance it provides is meant to be in the form of appetite suppression. By reducing the instance of hunger pangs, dieters are more satisfied by smaller meals and find that this feeling of satiety lasts longer. When combined with a portion controlled and nutrient dense eating strategy, it can help to reduce daily caloric intake.

The manufacturer of this supplement, a company called Forza, said that it is the glucomannan contained within this product that is primarily responsible for this effect. It calls the ingredient clinically proven. That said, it’s important to note that the FDA has not given approval for this substance to be used as a diet pill. The FDA does not have to provide substances with the nod when it comes to their inclusion in weight loss supplements. Therefore, it is quite rare for a company to obtain that approval as it is an expensive process.

That said, the situation is different in the E.U., where it has received approval to make weight loss health claims form the European Food Standards Authority. Glucomannan – which is also known by the name “konjac fiber,” which explains the title of this product – was the only food substance that had receive the approval from that authority by the time of the writing of this review.

When used in this product, the directions recommend that it be swallowed whole with a large amount of water. Since konjac fiber is an insoluble fiber that is highly absorbent, it works by remaining undigested in the stomach while it absorbs a lot of the additional water the dieter consumed along with it. The water absorption causes the substance to swell in size, creating a large lump of gel in the dieter’s stomach. This tricks the stomach into thinking it is full of food. Therefore, the stomach sends signals to the brain to shut off the sensation of hunger because it is already full.

Without the hunger pangs, a dieter is less likely to overeat. Therefore, when strategic food choices are made to keep caloric intake under control, this process can help to make weight loss easier for the dieter.

This diet pill on its own will not cause weight loss to occur. It must be combined with dietary and activity level changes in order to produce changes that can be seen on the scale.

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