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Fenterdren diet pills are over the counter weight loss supplements that have drawn a significant amount of controversy not only over their effectiveness, but also over their safety and even their legality. The advertising for this product claims that it is still legal and that the reason that there has been so much controversy around it is simply because it helps to burn fat so effectively that people believe that it must contain a banned substance. That said, the manufacturer insists that while the product is extremely powerful, it does not contain any ephedra (a substance banned by the FDA).

The primary ingredients in the Fenterdren formula are Phenylethylamine HCl, Synephrine HCl, and Dicaffeine Malate.

The ingredient called Synephrine HCl is a substance that is also known by many other names, such as bitter orange extract or citrus aurantium. Some also call it ephedrine, as it is supposed to provide metabolic stimulation in a way that is similar to that of ephedra, though this is unproven, and the substance has no known effects comparable to a stimulant.

Dicaffeine Malate is a stimulant. It is claimed to be a superior alternative to using caffeine, but that will supposedly help to decrease an individual’s appetite. As of yet, that has not been supported by any clinical studies.

If you use the official manufacturer’s website to purchase Fenterdren diet pills, you will likely pay a much higher amount than is necessary. At the time of this review, the cost of a $30 day supply of the pills was a tremendous $147. However, that same amount was also available from third party sites for between $33 and $59.

The manufacturer does offer a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. The entire amount of the product purchase price (minus the shipping) can be refunded if the unopened bottles are returned. Any opened bottles cannot be refunded.

Among the advantages of Fenterdren diet pills are that, according to the company, they remain a legal substance. Some dieters like to try products that are wrapped in controversy, which this item certainly is. If it works according to its claims, then it will help to burn calories more rapidly.

The disadvantages of Fenterdren diet pills, however, are that none of its ingredients have been completely proven to help with weight loss. Many haven’t even been entirely proven to be safe. Most dieters would rather avoid controversy and simply be sure that they aren’t harming their health by using a product, making this one a poor choice. This product looks suspicious because its manufacturer continually reassures customers that it’s still legal – most products don’t need to do that.

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robert. hafley June 17, 2014 at 6:51 pm

all I can say about fenterdren,it was great. l weigh 335 pounds aand I took fenterdren and got down to 229.I had no bad reaction to taking the pill and no side affects and when II stop.l had no withdraws. but. gatenow over the winter,,I have gain 50 pounds back.I hate myself for gaining some weight back.But I assure first of month I will order some fenterdren before I gain all my weight back. robert. From Kentucky.


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