Evoxin Reviews

Evoxin is a nonprescription diet pill that has been created and is sold by Purity Products. That manufacturer has an official webpage for those supplements on its website, which provides a bit of information about what the product contains and what its users should expect.

This pill is marketed as being on the cutting edge of neutratceutical technologies when it comes to losing weight with the help of a tablet. According to the official website the ingredients in the product appear to be green tea extract and a registered trademarked form of L-carnitine, called L-Carnipure. No other active ingredients are identified on the website, but it is unclear whether or not those are the only ones.

The official webpage for Evoxin, the product has been designed to be a fat burner, an antioxidant, a thermogenic and an immune system supporter. While green tea does have some scientific studies that support those claims, to a milder extent than are implied by the website, there aren’t any large, reputable studies that have been published in peer reviewed journals that would suggest that L-carnitine has reliable and safe weight loss benefits. Moreover, the official website doesn’t state how much green tea is in the product, so it is unclear whether or not the same amount was used as was found to be safe and effective within the research.

At the time that this review was written, the product was being sold on the manufacturer’s dedicated webpage for it, for $54.95, although there are volume pricing options. Each bottle contains 60 tablets. If taken according to the directions on the bottle, this represents a 30 day supply. Considering that there are only two ingredients in this product and that only one of them is proven to be effective for weight loss, that is quite a hefty price to pay. Especially because there is considerable competition within this market and it would be easy to find a similar product for a better price – or one that contains more proven ingredients for the same price.

When this review was written, the website did state that it contains a stimulant and it provides more energy, but it failed to mention that those same ingredients can lead to unwanted side effects such as nervousness, anxiety, shakiness and tremors, increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, and sleep struggles such as insomnia. It is very important to discuss the use of this product with a doctor before giving it a try.

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