EvoMuse Defuse Reviews

EvoMuse Defuse is an over the counter diet pill. Its marketing promotes it as a weight loss supplement that produces a powerful combination of thermodynamics and biochemistry. Even though those words may sound impressive and highly scientific, when all is said and done, it is only using complex wording to suggest that it is a thermogenic pill.

Thermogenic diet pills are a massive category of products in the nonprescription weight loss industry. There are hundreds, if not thousands of this type of product on the market. While some are exceptional, others are not. Therefore, it requires dieters to look more closely at the products they’re considering before they make a final decision.

The official brand website has a page specifically dedicated to EvoMuse Defuse. That page was clearly created to be as technically written as possible. It was in no way written to ensure that the average consumer could easily inform him or herself regarding the safety and effectiveness of this product. Even the claims are written with enough complexity as to confuse the average reader.

The page then goes on to nearly mock the consumer by provide glossaries in order to help readers to try to decipher what the rest of the information is saying. That said, among all the chemical terms, glossaries and technical jargon regarding the human body’s various processes, not one medical study is cited.

As a result, the complex, longwinded and frustrating wording on the page has no greater value to a reader than any other unsubstantiated claim made by other product brands. In fact, it has the potential to be less helpful because at least the unsubstantiated claims made by other brands are written in a language a dieter is likely to understand.

Perhaps EvoMuse is under the impression that by writing with complexity, it can pretend that it is written by a doctor or other medical professional. However, without providing reasonable information to its potential users, it is doing them a disservice. It may also cause some dieters to misunderstand what is written and make the wrong choices for themselves.

The EvoMuse Defuse ingredients are listed as: cacia Catechu Catechins 200 mg, Platycodon Grandiflorum Saponins 250 mg, Baicalin 75 mg, Rose Ellagitannins 150 mg, 18b-Glycyrrhetinic Acid 50 mg, Cinchinone Bark Alchohol extract 20:1 75 mg, (-)hydroxyCitric Acid 125 mg, Dragon Fruit Extract 100 mg, Taxilus Tieghiem 20:1 100 mg, Citrus Aurantium 100 mg, Lotus Leaf 20:1 150 mg, Phospholipid Blend 250 mg, Olive Leaf 20:1 200 mg, Galega Officionalis 20:1 250 mg, Fermented Panax Ginseng Berry 20:1 175 mg, Forskolin 60% 20 mg, Methyl Cinnamate 75 mg and Raspberry Ketones 250 mg.

Without any reputable research to support any of the interminable claims a dieter is required to do his or her own homework to find out if there is scientific evidence to support the use of this pill. Fortunately, after having to decode the EvoMuse marketing statements, reading a technical medical journal may come quite easily to the consumer.

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