Energybolizer Original Formula Reviews

Energybolizer Original Formula is a supplement designed to help people to lose weight and build muscle at the same time. This product is made by a company called OLAX, which also sells a number of other supplements in the weight loss and wellness categories.

According to the official website’s description of this product, there is considerable scientific evidence to support the use of the ingredients that make up this formulation. Unfortunately, as much as dramatic results are flaunted right at the top of a lengthy description page, there is no indication as to who conducted the studies, whether or not they are published or what methods were used. This is problematic because it’s impossible to tell whether it was conducted responsibly by a reputable third party organization or whether it was simply tested on the family of the individual who came up with it in the first place.

In fact, the description of the research doesn’t even specify whether it was conducted on humans. It says only that it was conducted at a university and a hospital. Equally, it doesn’t say that a university or hospital was behind the research – only that these were the locations of the studies.

While many of the ingredients in this formula are listed on the website, it isn’t clear as to whether a complete list is provided or not. Also interesting is that it provides a bit of information about some of the ingredients, but not all, and recommends that anyone interested in learning more about the ingredients consult an encyclopedia. That is a surprising recommendation and not one typically made by a reputable company making a priority of a customer’s health and success.

The ingredients listed on the website are: chromium picolinate, white willow bark, green tea, Siberian ginseng, 72 trace mineral complex, garcinia cambogia, royal jelly, ginger, bladderwrack, foti, guarana, hawthorn berries, saw palmetto, kola nut, beer root powder, yerba mate, vitamin B12, and gingko biloba.

There are two primary things that stand out about this list. The first is that it is very long, so even if these were the best possible ingredients for weight loss, it is highly unlikely that there is enough of all of them to produce any kind of measurable effect. That said, the vast majority of those ingredients are entirely unproven with regards to a direct connection between their use and weight loss.

The next thing is that this product is clearly based on the effects of stimulants. This is likely the case more than anything else considering the strength of the stimulant-containing ingredients.

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