Dymetadrine Xtreme EF Reviews

AST Sports Science is the manufacturer of a product called Dymetadrine Xtreme EF, which is designed to help dieters to lose weight more quickly than dieting alone. The “EF” extension in the name of the product is supposed to stand for “ephedra-free”, which may imply that the manufacturer had previously produced a product under a similar name (or a completely different one) that included that ingredient before it was banned.

At least two of the ingredients on the Dymetadrine Xtreme EF list have clinical trials to support their claims regarding their ability to increase the rate at which weight is lost, but as the total amounts of the ingredients are not provided by AST Sports Science, it is difficult to know if they are used in adequate amounts to provide the same results as were achieved by the scientist who performed the research.

Among the ingredients in Dymetadrine Xtreme EF are magnesium, vitamins C and B6, green tea extract, caffeine, and several others. The two ingredients that have had some clinical research prove that they can be effective when used in proper amounts are green tea extract and caffeine. Studies have shown that both of these ingredients have the ability to boost the body’s ability to burn calories and fat and promote weight loss. However, as this product is made of a proprietary blend, they are not required to list the amounts of the ingredients that are used in the formulas, so it is impossible to tell if there is enough green tea to be effective and whether or not the levels of caffeine are sufficient, and if they are high enough to result in negative side effects.

Another ingredient in the Dymetadrine Xtreme EF and which should make the dieter suspicious is norsynephrine. This is simply another name for synephrine, which became a popular substitute ingredient for ephedra when that substance was banned by the FDA. Unfortunately, synephrine users commonly experience the same side effects as those who took ephedra, and officials at the FDA are currently carefully monitoring the use of synephrine (as well as norsynephrine).

The cost for a 100 capsule bottle of Dymetadrine Xtreme EF is $30, which would be quite competitive among over the counter weight loss supplements that contain similar ingredients, except that the directions say that up to six capsules can be taken every day, meaning that if the maximum amount are used, then the bottle will last only half the month, boosting the monthly cost to $60 which is quite expensive. The monthly cost, therefore, depends on the dosage chosen by the dieter.

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