Dietrim Reviews

Dietrim is a weight loss product that is marketed to both women and men as a way to enhance the effects of exercising every day in order to be able to drop body weight more quickly and easily. According to the official website, these pills contain a “multi-nutrient” formula that offers its users a greater amount of energy and fat burning support that is important for making it easier to lose weight.

The first step to understanding whether or not this product is right for an individual dieter requires him or her to visit a doctor to ensure that it will not only be effective but that it will also be safe for him or her to use. The next step is to look at the ingredients that make up this formula to see whether or not they have been studied and shown to safely promote faster weight loss than could be achieved with diet and exercise alone.

The ingredients that make up the Dietrim formula are: Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), Chromium, Cinnamon Bark, Papaya Extract and Co-Q10. At a glance, it looks as though this formula is not all that promising and upon further research to find a conclusive reputable study that would suggest that these pills would do as the manufacturer claims, it further strengthens the odds that this product will not live up to its promises.

In fact, at least one of these ingredients can be found on a list produced by the Mayo Clinic which indicates that there is inadequate study to make any weight loss claims about its effects.

That said, it is important to point out that nowhere in the advertising for this product does it actually say that it will cause fat loss. It claims only that it will improve the overall energy levels and health of the user. Therefore, based on the ingredients, it is likely that it could actually live up to those claims.

Equally, the name of the product does have “trim” in its name, which does suggest that it would make a person slimmer. Moreover, the images on the website include those that would suggest that it slims a waistline, such as a picture of an apple with a measuring tape tied around its middle.

Taking this product simply to assist in overall health and promote higher energy levels could likely work for some people. However, its muddled advertising message makes it a difficult product to recommend for any purpose.

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