Dieters Cheating Caps Reviews

Dieters Cheating Caps are a nonprescription weight loss products with a page on the official manufacturer’s website. That page explains that it is made up of three ingredients that are powerful despite the fact that they are not stimulants. According to that page, those ingredients function by suppressing the dieter’s appetite while blocking carbohydrates from being absorbed. The goal is to make it easier for a dieter to enjoy the types of benefits that would be available through a low carb diet, without having to give up all of his or her favorite foods.

Moreover, the official webpage for Dieters Cheating Caps also indicates that the ingredients, when combined, produce quite a dramatic effect. The name of the weight loss pills suggest that dieters would be able to use Dieters Cheating Caps and cheat on their low carb diet program without experiencing consequences as a result of it.

Among the ingredients that make up Dieters Cheating Caps are glucomannan, chitosan, and white kidney bean extract. It is the white kidney bean extract that many nonprescription weight loss pill manufacturers claim will provide carb blocking effects, even though there have not been any reputable clinical studies that have suggested that this or beans of any other form have ever stopped a body from being able to absorb carbohydrates. Moreover, the ingredient has also not been scientifically linked with weight loss when used in a supplement, by the time of the writing of this review.

Chitosan is a type of marine organism that, when consumed, binds with some of the saturated fats from the foods that have been consumed. This means that this ingredient can have a small fat blocking effect. That said, it does not have any proven carbohydrate blocking abilities.

The first ingredient in Dieters Cheating Caps, glucomannan, is a substance taken from the Kojac plant’s root. It functions by absorbing water from inside the body and expanding into a mass of gel in the stomach, which helps a dieter to feel fuller. The effectiveness of this ingredient depends on a large quantity of this substance as well as a high water consumption. Assuming that this product contains this large amount of glucomannan and that the dieter drinks a lot of water when taking the pill, it could help to somewhat reduce hunger pangs in a dieter.

Therefore, although it likely does not block carbohydrates as the manufacturer suggests, there is the possibility that Dieters Cheating Caps could block a small amount of consumed fat, and it may help to decrease the size of the appetite. Whether or not these effects are adequate for helping to lose weight cannot be determined based on the information on the official website.

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