Dexatol 27 Reviews

Dexatol 27 is an over the counter weight loss product that is marketed as being a great way to speed up the fat reduction process. It is in the category of diet pills that promises fast and simple results without having to make any changes at all in terms of dieting and activity levels.

This product finds itself in a massive and growing number of diet pills that doctors would never recommend because they know that there is no such thing as either ingredients or supplements (or even prescription drugs, for that matter) that will simply cause fat to melt away without any need for changing what you eat or how much you exercise.

That said, even if that were to be possible many doctors still wouldn’t recommend it because it would lead to yo-yo dieting. As they do not encourage lifestyle changes, the root problem would not be eliminated and the weight would return as soon as the user was to stop taking the product. This would cause the weight to return and the individual would need to diet or to start taking the pills again in order to lose the weight. Many doctors feel that yo-yo dieting may be worse for a person’s health than being consistently overweight.

Therefore, right off the bat Dexatrol 27 fails to make a good impression based on the claims made about its effects and the way it should be used. Most experts in this industry automatically consider pills to be suspicious at best when over-the-top claims have been made about them. At the least, these claims raise red flags about the product and should make a reviewer or customer more inclined to seek professional assistance and advice before buying into it.

This is a shame as it casts a shadow of doubt over what could potentially be a very good formula, depending on what the ingredients happen to be. If a product is truly made with high quality ingredients that have some scientific evidence to support their use, a manufacturer shouldn’t have to go to the level of over-the-top claims and lies about what a consumer could expect. Instead, they could lean on actual facts and cite studies to show that they are on to something that could be helpful to many dieters.

At the time this product was written, the ingredients listed for this pill were: garcinia cambogia, green coffee bean extract, and African mango extract.

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