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CoffeeTrim is a nonprescription weight loss supplement that is supposed to act as an appetite suppressant. That type of diet bill is supposed to benefit the dieter not by causing fat to simply magically fall off somehow, but instead by making it easier to stick to a healthful diet plan. The idea is that with a suppressed appetite, the dieter will be less likely to overeat because hunger pangs and food cravings will not be as powerful.

That said, in the case of CoffeeTrim, the official website of the manufacturer claims that the main ingredient within this formulation, garcinia cambogia, “controls your cravings and eliminates excess fats,” which is contradictory to what we know of this type of diet supplement as well as of this ingredient itself.

There is no known diet ingredient – prescription or nonprescription – that will simply eliminate fat from the human body, regardless of what companies may claim. Any time marketing implies that this is the case, it should be seen as a red flag. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the product won’t work, but it certainly means that it won’t work as is being implied by statements such as that one.

Will CoffeeTrim give you the “slimmer and sexier figure” it promises? Based on the information provided by the manufacturer’s official website, it would be impossible to tell. A complete list of the ingredients for this product could not be found. This suggests that garcinia cambogia may very well be the only ingredient within these supplements, though that could not be determined for certain.

Later in the product description, it talks about two benefits of garcinia cambogia as being appetite suppression and fat blocking assistance. Those are far more realistic claims than the ones in the product description itself. After all, the product description says that fats are “eliminated.” It doesn’t specify whether that means body fat or the dietary fats from foods that are consumed and digested. In either case, no product known for use in diet pills or supplements could eliminate them. However, the later statement that indicates that it can help to block a certain amount of consumed fat is far more realistic.

This product comes in the form of a powder in an individual use sachet. To use it, the full sachet must be emptied into a cup of hot water and stirred. It should be consumed like coffee twice per day, a half hour ahead of eating meals.

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