CardiaShred Reviews

CardiaShred is an over the counter weight loss pill that is designed to provide dieters with faster fat burning than they would be capable of obtaining simply by exercising and eating a healthy diet. These pills are made by Heuer M.D. Research, which is a relatively well known company that has been around for a number of years and that has a self proclaimed reputation for “introducing products with true scientifically researched ingredients.”

According to the Heuer M.D. Research mission statement, its purpose is to “change the supplement horizon”, which is quite the statement when taking into consideration the types of products that it sells. This is also a tremendous goal when looking at the marketplace, which is flooded with competition from thousands of different products, brands, and businesses.

That said, if CardiaShred can live up to the massive promises that are made about its benefits by its manufacturer, then this could provide many dieters with a tremendous advantage in their efforts to lose weight.

When checking into these types of claims – either as a customer or a reviewer – the first step that is taken (after consulting with a doctor) is typically to look at the different ingredients that make up a formula and find out if they have been studied, what benefits they have been found to provide, whether or not that could enhance measurable weight loss, and to find out if it is safe taking those substances, both alone and in combination with each other. In the case of CardiaShred, that would be quite the undertaking, as the official website listed a massive 32 different ingredients in the formula at the time this review was written.

Therefore, right from the jumping off point, CardiaShred doesn’t exactly leave a good taste in the mouth of anyone who wishes to better understand it. For one thing, the official website does not cite any reputable studies that would indicate that the ingredients have been proven. This places all of the research on the back of the customer. Moreover, with that many ingredients, it is difficult to believe that even if they did all work, that they will provide their benefits well, because with such a long list, it would be next to impossible to include them all in adequate quantities.

Equally, it should be pointed out that there is a combination of citrus aurantium (synephrine) and caffeine in this formula, which can be potentially dangerous. The FDA has issued a warning about synephrine and about the combination with caffeine, as it greatly heightens the risk of stroke and heart attack.

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