Carb Stopper Extreme Reviews

Carb Stopper Extreme is a diet supplement that is available without a prescription and that is designed to help a dieter to lose weight with greater ease than he or she would accomplish alone. The claim made on the official website is that it will give its users the ability to lose more weight by increasing the metabolic rate in order to produce faster fat burning.

Equally, it also stated that this benefit is achieved through the impact of its one active ingredient, which is white kidney bean extract. Although there are certain studies that would indicate that white kidney bean extract may be able to assist in enhancing the rate by which carbohydrates are metabolized from consumed foods, oddly enough, the Carb Stopper Extreme website does not make this claim about its effects. Instead, it describes increased energy levels, reduced appetite, and improved overall fitness levels. Among those claims, none have ever been proven to result from the use of white kidney bean extract.

Something else that draws the attention on the official product website is that it frequently makes reference to the product’s ingredients; pluralizing the word. That said, when navigating to the ingredients tab of the website, it is clear that white kidney bean extract is the only substance in the product and no mention of anything else is made. This is either an important mistake that has been allowed to occur consistently throughout the website, or the official site is not revealing the entire ingredients list to the potential customer, for some reason.

At the time that this review was written, the official website for Carb Stopper Extreme was selling the product for a sale price of $19.99 for a single bottle, which had been marked down from the list price of $49.99. Buying multiple bottles at once offered greater savings. Oddly, there is a button on the home page which says “Try for Free Now”, but when that is clicked, it leads only to the three different priced options for one bottle, three bottles, or five bottles. No further mention of a free trial offer could be located.

When taking into consideration the inaccuracies of the information on the website and the dubious ways in which the site has been created in order to try to generate sales, it would be very challenging to find a reason to make a recommendation for Carb Stopper Extreme.

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