BPI B4 Fat Burner Reviews

BPI B4 Fat Burner is a nonprescription diet pill that was designed to act as a fat burner that will make it faster and easier for dieters to shed their excess pounds. The official webpage for the product on the manufacturer’s website says that it is a unique type of fat burner that is unlike anything else on the market. Though it does not appear to specifically state on the official website that it is not meant for dieters, the primary focus for these pills is bodybuilders and those taking part in weight training.

The website focuses a great deal on selling the product and telling the consumer that it is unlike anything else they have ever seen on the market. They explain that the formula “combines carefully researched cutting-edge, non-commercialized ingredients.” However, at the time of this review, the list of what those ingredients actually are could not be found on that official site.

Therefore, the ingredients mentioned within this review were identified based on third party websites that sell or review the product. BPI B4 Fat Burner is made up primarily of caffeine anhydrous. Also included in the ingredients are dendrobium, sword bean, psoralea, Japanese sophora, red wine concentrate, and yohimbe. Clearly, this product is based mainly on the actions of a stimulant – one that is actually quite common in the weight loss and bodybuilding industries. Yohimbe is also a stimulant, which means that this product combines these effects. While this can help to burn fat more quickly and may even assist in reducing the appetite, there is also a chance that it can cause unwanted side effects in many users.

The product recommends that one capsule be taken before training, unless a qualified healthcare practitioner says to do otherwise. It also recommends that another capsule be taken per day that the individual is not training, in order to ensure that fat burning will be kept up. It does not recommend that more than one capsule be taken every day.

It is very important to speak with a doctor before starting the use of this or any other fat burner product, as BPI B4 Fat Burner may not be safe for everyone. It could cause problems if combined with certain common medical conditions, as well as potentially conflicting with prescription medications or certain nonprescription pills. Caffeinated foods such as energy drinks, coffee, tea, chocolate, and sodas should be avoided during the use of this type of pill.

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